Adirondack Furniture to Last a Lifetime

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Adirondack Chair Our Adirondack Chair is the poster child of our product line. And there’s no flimsy, fly-by-night wood involved. Read the Full Story
For the Little Ones With the Kidarondack Chair we take care of your little ones. Do your children try to hijack your chair? We have the solution – give them one built just for them. Read the Full Story
Love Seat The Adirondack Love Seat is twice as good! Twice as good as the Adirondack Chair and engineered by our renowned Design Bureau, the Adirondack Love Seat is unique Read the Full Story
Peace Chair Get Your Deep Peace Here… Designed in 2007 by our in-house Chief of Chair Design and Former Hippie of the East, the Peace Chair is our most comfortable unit for those over 5’6” in height. Folks under that height have difficulty extricating themselves without assistance. Read the Full Story
The Underside of Tables The Round Table is solid as a rock! Nothing is worse than picking up a piece of outdoor furniture and feeling sections give way in your hands. This will never happen with our products. Read the Full Story

Who We Are

We Are One Legged Chairs


Many years ago, in a small hamlet of the fabled East End of Long Island’s North Fork, a little one-legged man decided he wanted to build the most comfortable, well-designed and overbuilt Adirondack Chair on Mother Earth.

He did, and so was born the legendary “One-Legged Chairs.” People the world over heard about this little man, his primitive shop and his wonderful chairs. They came to his place and sat in the chairs for hours on end. Many even paid money to buy some!  The little one-legged man got so busy he had to hire a two-legged woman to paint chairs and watch his shop when he was not there.

The Best Adirondack Furniture on Earth

He really made the best Adirondack furniture on Earth – and people could not get enough of it. His reputation and shipments went as far away as Grants, New Mexico and Nova Scotia, Canada!

So if you’re tired of buying and replacing ordinary, uncomfortable plastic outdoor furniture…If you want to relax and enjoy the view…If you want something that looks beautiful on your porch or lawn…maybe it’s time to see how the little one-legged man can help you.

His chairs…

  • Won’t wobble or break – they’re made of the finest wood and hardware
  • Are so comfortable you won’t want to get back up once you sit down – or share your chair!
  • Will make your neighbors envious – your outdoor artwork will be a conversation showstopper!
  • Will likely outlive you – they are that good!

Where Can You Get It?

In 2010, the One Legged Chairs shop moved to Western North Carolina, and in late 2015 we opened new operations. The new shop is up and running at 66 Fairway Road in Snooty North Asheville. Come on by for a private tour and showing of our wares. The world’s best Adirondack Furniture is now in Asheville, NC and you should buy some!!!

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