Adirondack Furniture to Last a Lifetime

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Adirondack Chair Our Adirondack Chair is the poster child of our product line. And there’s no flimsy, fly-by-night wood involved. Read the Full Story
For the Little Ones With the Kidarondack Chair we take care of your little ones. Do your children try to hijack your chair? We have the solution – give them one built just for them. Read the Full Story
Love Seat The Adirondack Love Seat is twice as good! Twice as good as the Adirondack Chair and engineered by our renowned Design Bureau, the Adirondack Love Seat is unique Read the Full Story
Peace Chair Get Your Deep Peace Here… Designed in 2007 by our in-house Chief of Chair Design and Former Hippie of the East, the Peace Chair is our most comfortable unit for those over 5’6” in height. Folks under that height have difficulty extricating themselves without assistance. Read the Full Story
The Underside of Tables The Round Table is solid as a rock! Nothing is worse than picking up a piece of outdoor furniture and feeling sections give way in your hands. This will never happen with our products. Read the Full Story


More About Adirondack Chairs and Furniture…IMG_2481
There’s more to an Adirondack chair than select wood put together to make a spot for your body to rest and relax. Here are some articles about the legend and lore of the Adirondack chair:

You can “aftermarket” your Adirondack with items like cushions, covers, and accessories. Here are some links to get you started:

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